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The Beat Goes On: AI Takes the Stage

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Scott Andersen
Scott Andersen

Imagine the moment when the first fully AI-generated song hits the Top 100 charts. It's a track that perfectly captures the zeitgeist, blending genres and emotions into a seamless auditory experience.

Fast forward a few weeks, and that same song becomes the anthem of karaoke bars worldwide, with crowds belting out lyrics conceived by algorithms. This scenario might have seemed like science fiction a few years ago, but I think we will see it sooner than we ever thought.

These tracks are fully written and produced by AI - in less than 10 minutes.

The Prompt: come up with a funny idea for a country song and write the lyrics for this song.  it will be sung by a female, and should be somewhat upbeat
Title: My Dog Took the Truck Again
Genre: Female acoustic, country, folk, upbeat

The Result:

The Prompt: now lets write a heartfelt song about what it's like to be riding a tractor
Title: Heart of the Harvest
Genre: rap, hip-hop, country

The Result:

A New Era for Musicians and Fans Alike

The music industry stands on the brink of a transformative era, thanks to AI-driven platforms that enable anyone to generate music with lyrics in any style they desire. Imagine crafting a running mix that's not only motivational but also meticulously engineered with beats exactly at 180 bpm to match your stride. This level of customization and precision was once the domain of professional DJs and producers. Now, it's accessible to anyone with a smartphone or computer. Democratizing Music Production

The implications of this technological leap are profound. For starters, it democratizes music production, breaking down barriers that once required years of practice, expensive equipment, and industry connections. Today, aspiring musicians can experiment with different sounds and styles without the steep learning curve or financial investment traditionally associated with music production.

Hyper-Personalized Tracks

The rise of AI in music ushers in the era of hyper-personalized playlists. Users can now curate their soundscapes, tailoring every aspect of the music to fit their mood, activity, or even the weather. This bespoke approach to music consumption could reshape how we think about genres, as AI-generated tracks blend elements from disparate styles to create entirely new sonic experiences.

I may create a whole playlist of music designed for when I run. 180 Beats per minute, upbeat music, encouraging lyrics. Come back in a half hour, and my new playlist is all set. Infinite variety in my new running mix.


As AI-generated songs flood the market, the industry grapples with the notion of authorship. What does it mean to be a musician in an age where algorithms can compose hit songs? And how do we value music when the line between human and machine creativity becomes blurred?

These questions are not merely academic; they strike at the heart of what music means to us as a society. Music has always been a reflection of the human experience, conveying emotions and stories that resonate on a deeply personal level. The challenge, then, is to ensure that AI enhances this connection rather than dilutes it.


How quickly does this eliminate professional musicians who come up with jingles, soundtracks and more? This was typically a large portion of time in any production. Now you can get close to the same results in minutes rather than months.


The legal landscape of music will also undergo significant changes. Copyright laws, designed in an era of human composers and tangible recordings, must adapt to the realities of AI-generated content. As music production becomes more automated, the industry must navigate the complexities of intellectual property rights in a digital age.

We're already here...

It's amazing how quickly these technologies are changing our world. The first AI-generated hit is not a question of if but when. And as we move forward, the music industry must balance the incredible potential of AI with the values that have always made music an essential part of our lives: creativity, connection, and expression.